|WATCH| Manikarnika Teaser Is Out ~ Kangana’s Looks Refreshingly Fierce As Jhansi Ki Rani

The teaser of Manikarnika, the film based on Rani of Jhansi, is finally out. After many stills from the sets of the film, the audience gets to watch the teaser of the film and it looks quite grand and promising.

The makers of the film have chosen the apt day, Gandhi Jayanti, to release the epic tale of Manikarnika.

The teaser begins with Amitabh Bachchan’s voice over as he explains that India was a flourishing and welcoming nation when the Brtish decided to invade and it was then that Manikarnika decided to fight for her motherland. Kangana Ranaut looks fierce as Rani of Jhansi.

This introduction is followed by grand shots of Manikarnika entering her palace. We also see her riding on a horse. There is also a shot of her sitting atop her throne with a baby in her lap. She is shown as a fierce commander who can handle her sword perfectly well.

The movie is all set to release on Republic day, 26 Jan 2019.

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