Virgin Mojito ~ A Cool Drink To Be Your Savior This Summer !!

With Summers come a never ending urge for some refreshing drinks. Don’t worry , we have got you covered this time.Treat yourself with the complex and refreshing blend of mint, citrus, and sugar that’s guaranteed to cut through the summer heat. Even without alcohol, this Cuban classic is full of flavor.Check out the easy way to recreate this traditional drink.

Here’s How To Make It:


2 Lemons , diced
Fresh Mint Leaves
Peppermint ( POLO candy can be used instead)
Sprite or Lemonade
Ice Cubes

Directions :

In a muddler, muddle diced lemons.Once the lemon is crushed and starts to leave lemon oils, add fresh mint leaves.Crush them.
Add peppermint tablets to the mixture and muddle them till they turn to powder.
Transfer the lime mint peppermint mix to the tumbler.Add 2-3 fresh mint leaves.Fill the glass with sprite and serve cold with ice.

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