OMG!!!Twitter Just Declared Mark Zuckerberg A ROBOT

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently appeared before congress today to answer questions from senators about Cambridge Analytica, privacy, data collection and fake news on the platform.In that 5 hour questioning by 44 US Senators, Zuckerberg was mostly found apologizing.

Ditching his typical T-shirt and denims, Mark largely remained serious as he was cross questioned by the senators.

The strange mannerism which Zuckerberg displayed during the course of event gave way to twitter roasting and trolling and twitteratis fondly called him a ROBOT.Take a look at most hilarious tweets which flooded the social media.

And the grilling took a whole new level when booster seat was discovered 😀

Dear Mark, We sincerely hope you get out of this mess soon!!!

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Udita Gupta