Tipsy Chocolate Chilies ~ The Magic Is Just A Chily Away

Vodka and chill have been best of the buddies since ages.This tangy combo can light up any boring gathering .This amazing starter by HungryBoo will definitely be a unique crowd winning appetizer and add a surprise element to the regular menu.

Here’s how to make it :


Chillies with seeds removed
Semi sweetened chocolate

White chocolate


Cut the chillies in ringlets and hollow them by removing seeds.
Immerse them in vodka for 4 hours to let the flavor infuse.
in a large bowl,mix semi sweetened chocolate with butter until a smooth paste is obtained.
Dip the chili ringlets in chocolate and coat it fully
Refrigerate the coated chillies for 30 minutes so that chocolate hardens.
Dress up the chillies with white chocolate.

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