summer coolers

Virgin Mojito ~ A Cool Drink To Be Your Savior This Summer !!

June 11, 2017

With Summers come a never ending urge for some refreshing drinks. Don’t worry , we have got you covered this time.Treat yourself with the complex and refreshing blend of mint, citrus, and sugar that’s guaranteed to cut through the summer heat. Even without alcohol, this Cuban classic is full of flavor.Check out the easy way […]

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Skinny Mocktails, A Perfect Summers Refreshment

May 23, 2016

Beat the heat strokes with this summer refreshment drink via CleanEats . ‘These refreshing drinks are perfect as the weather warms up! Superior Switchel gave it a nice heat from the ginger, while the fruit gave it the perfect sweetness! ‘ quoted CleanEats Here’s How We Make it:

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