Russian Baker Creates Flawless Marble Mirror Desserts Which Are Too Good To Eat

Russian baker and cake artist Olga Noskova has earned attention from all over the world with the way she creates masterpieces which are too good to eat.She decorates her cakes with a hint of luxury and an extraordinary amount of detailing that they are nothing short of perfection.

Her stunning creations feature her signature flawless mirrored surfaces and multi-tonal effect of icing. The glossy surfaces are so perfectly smooth that you can literally see your face in them. No really, Noskova even managed to take a selfie in one.Dont believe us? Check out for yourself and dive into the divine desserts.

She has a massive fan following on Instagram due to the unique cakes which she crafts.

When galaxies turn into the surface of cake 🙂

No , This is not a luxury soap bar !!!! You can eat it 😀

who knew a blue cake could actually make you drool?

The real beauty lies on the inside.See the perfection of the layers 🙂

Multi tonal icing effect

She makes matte cakes too

These white sweet hearts on the baby green cake are priceless

Purple eclairs

See the reflection!

The surface is so glossy that you can actually take a selfie 😀 😀

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