Polka Dot Coffee Cake ~ Hello Gorgeous!

Who didn’t see the trend of polka dots.It took over the fashion world entirely.But have you ever thought of the same trend in food? HungryBoo did and came out with this gorgeous trendy cake.Be ready to be mesmerized

Here’s how to make it :

Ingredients :

2 Packs Digestive biscuits
1/2 Cup Butter, Molten
2 Cups Whipped cream

1 Tsp Vanilla Extract
2 Tbsp Sugar
2 Tsp Coffee Powder
Cadbury Shots

Method :

In a food processor, grind the packs of digestive biscuits.Add butter.Grind again.
Line the base of baking pan with the ground biscuit, pressing it with back of spoon.Refrigerate for 10 min.
Add vanilla and sugar to the whipped cream in a large bowl. Whisk.
Divide the whipped cream to two halves and add coffee powder to one half. Whisk it till uniform.

Top up the biscuit crust with coffee flavored whipped cream and spread uniformly with help of spoon. Refrigerate for 20 min.
Top it up with final layer of white whipped cream, and spread it with spoon.
Poke the cadbury shot balls on to the top in desired pattern. Refrigerate for another 20 min.
Serve the creamy polka dot coffee cake and go mesmerized.

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