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Believe it or not … 65% of the men watch movies just to watch actresses that might turn them on. Even filmmakers have got smart enough that they always try to put a femme fatale who is seductive enough to make the audience stick to it forever. So lets accept it, we all have at least one celebrity or a character that we find irresistible and charming, and there can be many reasons behind it. Enough of words, lets take a look at the list of most charming movie characters of all time:

01. Christie

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Look at her eyes – Isn’t she seems like she want to eat you right away? I would love to be eaten though. “Christie” A character performed by Amber Heard in the movie ‘The Informers’ is an example of a female character who is itching for love and willing to do anything for it. Here’s another picture of Christie for you

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02. Lucinda Harris

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‘Jennifer Aniston’ is a favorite of million of guys who might be dreaming her in the good nights. Well its for your information that her role ‘Lucinda Harris’ in the movie, ‘Derailed’ is seductive. A thug rapes Lucinda on gunpoint, and her boyfriend watched. Well, it is enough to tell you how the scene would have taken place.

03. Naomi Lapaglia

If you have watched ‘The The Wolf of Wall Street’ recently, then you must be expecting this character in the list. Yes, we are talking about ‘Naomi Lapaglia’ performed by ‘Margot Robbie’. If you haven’t watched the movie yet, Watch it today and you will get hooked with Naomi from her first scene in the film.

04. Kathryn Merteuil

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Sarah Michelle Gellar nailed the role of a manipulative and seductive character, Kathryn in the movie, ‘Cruel Intentions.’ You would love to watch her in the movie.

05. Kelly Lanier Van Ryan

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It is hard to find a movie lover who has forgotten the famous kissing scene between (Kelly Ryan) and Neve Campbell (Suzie Marie Toller) in the film, ‘Wild Things.’ Kelly made it to the list because of her seductive appearance throughout the movie

06. Tina Carlyle

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If you haven’t watched Cameron Diaz first appearance in the movie ‘The Mask’ , then you really missed something.  Her sexiness simply blew everyone away with its appearance.

07. Catherine Tramell

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Sharon Stone has played alot of seductive roles that can make your pants wet, but none of them can match the level of Catherine Tramell from ‘Basic Instinct.’

08. Jane Smith

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If you would ask me , in which movie Angelina Jolie look the sexiest? My answer would be, here in this picture from’Mr. & Mrs. Smith’ as ‘Jane Smith’.

09. Linda Barett

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Phoebe Cates’ character of Linda Barett took the sexiness thing way too far by going topless for a scene in the film, ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High.’ Believe me , this girl is beautiful and she proved that she is sexy too.

10. Mikaela Banes

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Megan fox is beautiful and nobody can deny it. I find her really sexy in transformers , so i would love to add her to this list as my personal favorite.

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