5 Mindblowing Libraries Every Book Lover Must Visit

Oxford University Queen’s College Library , England

The Queen’s College Library is one of the largest college libraries in Oxford, with approximately 50,000 volumes in the lending collection and a vast antiquarian collection of nearly 100,000 volumes.

Tianjin Binhai Library , China

The five-level library has a total space of 33,700 square metres featuring floor-to-ceiling, terraced bookshelves able to hold 1.2 million books and a large, luminous sphere in the center that serves as an auditorium with a capacity of 110 people.

Tama Art University Library,Japan

It is the academic library associated with Tama Art University consisting of two library locations in Tokyo, Japan: one on the Hachioji campus and the other on the Kaminoge campus. Together, the libraries serve university students and faculty as an information database with a primary focus on art education and research.

Strahov Monastery Library,Czech Republic

It is the largest monastic library in the country, with two magnificent baroque halls dating from the 17th and 18th centuries. You can peek through the doors but, sadly, you can’t go into the halls themselves – it was found that fluctuations in humidity caused by visitors’ breath was endangering the frescoes. There’s also a display of historical curiosities.

Cottbus Library,Germany

The library appears as a curved glass building with no edges or corners, resembling a giant amoeba designs. Unusual shape without front or rear and four protrusions of different sizes.The 7-storey building, with a height of 27.37m above grade, and two basement has a total area of ​​16.145m2 and stands on a footprint of 1500m2. Public use space is 7,630 m2, 976m2 dedicated to the administration and to 1.193m2 closed shelves.

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