In a Zero Budget Trip, This Guy Survived on Coconut Water and Lost 14 Kgs

So, the story sound like a fiction where 2 young men, Anuj and Ishant, started their road trip and decided to cover the whole India with No Money at all. They danced in the train and did other small jobs to earn some money on the go.

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But that to wasn’t exciting enough for them, and so Anuj who had gone back to working for his website, decided to join hands with Ishant again.

This time they decided to take up the challenge to travel through Orissa on just coconut water for one month.

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And that is how, the ’30 Days Coconut Water Fast’ started almost two months ago.

Insane ? Indeed, it is insane, but as much difficult as that.Probably, that is why Ishant could not do the task for more than three days but Anuj held on and completed the task.

Their whole journey is documented in the form of pictures and videos that they posted in Instagram account, @sirfnariyal. These two boys They would talk to strangers, dance with them, talk to kids and play games with them to keep themselves busy.

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Thanks to this ‘strict diet’, Anuj managed to lose 14 kgs in one month and announced it with THIS picture.

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And when it all ended, they went home and had homemade upma and curd.

The two are now planning for another trip and I am probably more excited than them.

All images from sirfnariyal.

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