Man Gets Violent After Wife Makes His Cheese Grilled Too Cheesy


This story is out of Clarke County, Georgia. According to a WSB-TV report, a 55-year-old man got violent with his wife after she made his grilled cheese sandwich with TOO MUCH CHEESE. The article states that he had requested 2 slices of cheese and entered a state of rage when he received the sandwich with 3.

Too much cheese, Really? The only ingredient in the sandwich is Cheese. Cheese is not something to get violent over folks, especially too much cheese. And if you’re going to become violently enraged over something like a cheese sandwich, you absolutely deserve to be thrashed by Cops.

This all went down in front of the couples’ 12-year-old daughter who happened to be the one that called the police from her mother’s cell phone. The father was charged with obstruction of a 911 call, since he ripped the phone out of the wall while trying to stop his wife from calling for help. The report also states that he was afraid to go back to jail and that she didn’t actually think he’d hit her again.

Anabundance of cheese should be celebrated. The world needs more cheese.  Now I can’t stop saying cheese.


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