Karan Acharya ~ The Man Behind Angry Hanuman Poster Which Has Flooded The Entire Nation

If you happen to live in metro , then you must have seen the Poster of the Almight Hanuman painted in fierce orange and black on back of almost every vehicle on the road

We bring to you the super talented man behind the viral poster that has taken the nation by storm : Karan Acharya, the 25-year-old graphic designer from Kerala’s Kumbla village.

The artist designed the face in 2015 for a group called Aryan that his friends were running. They wanted a new look for their flag and so the ‘angry Hanuman’, as everyone is calling it now, was born.He wanted to draw Hanuman with a twist so he gave it ‘attitude’. It was never meant to be read as aggression.

According to him , his Hanuman has attitude, not aggression. He is powerful, not oppressive.

The poster was first seen making its mark in Bangalore in 2017 which later took over the nation!

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Udita Gupta