Its Worth Stopping By & Watch This Video of Puppy Eating a Popsicle

Having a bad day? This 13-second video shared by Puppychino will make your heart melt.

Wednesday deserves a little more cuteness. Here’s Alex enjoying his Pupsicle and not even stopping for breath ❤️

Posted by Puppychino on Tuesday, 2 August 2016

This tiny, adorable creature is Alex. You need to know only two things about him — he is super cute and he loves ‘pupsicles’.
Puppychino is a dog cafe in Delhi, India which has a special dog food menu. Bonus – they have awesome human food as well.

Still not feeling better , Watch this dog playing wit baloon:

Bobo’s OBSESSED with balloons. Do your babies do the same?
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Posted by Puppychino on Friday, 15 July 2016

Originally Posted in Times Of India

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