‘Men Don’t Feel & Men Don’t Cry’ – Atleast Someone Could Speak The Reality !!

‘Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota’ , who haven’t heard this phrase , but is it true?

Everyone has this belief about men that they should be strong, they shouldn’t cry and should be self-sufficient all the time.  But can this be true at all times? There are all kinds of men and they are all different from each other when it comes to emotions, expressions, and choices, it’s a very general and human kind of thing, right?

Guys can need help too at times and they may also need emotional or moral support when their loved ones aren’t around. It’s time to change our poor mindset and see the reality. And Simar Singh has expressed the reality in the best way possible through his poetry video by UnErase Poetry – ‘How To Be A Man’ and it’s amazing!

Watch It Now:

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