10+ Cities Like You’ve Never Seen Before | 1st, 8th and 12th are Indian

Walking around towns and taking photos of their places of interest, you may not see the whole picture: the view from the ground doesn’t permit you to fully appreciate the scale and geometry if architectural memorials.
The Russian AirPano team of photographers rises to the sky to show you different places of our planet from above.

01. New Delhi, India

02. Dubai, UAE

03. Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain

04. Westerdok, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

05. Paris, France

06. Seattle, USA

07. Prambanan, Indonesia

08. Agra Fort, India


09. Buenos Aires, Argentina

10. Siena, Italy

11. Budapest, Hungary

12. Varanasi, India


So, which one you liked the most and is your next holiday destination?


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