Ditch These 3 Foods If You Want to Lose Your Belly Fat

‘Abs are made in kitchen and not in Gym’ says the experts. Reviewing your diet and creating a calorie deficit to lose body fat will help your belly lean out. But eating certain foods can either make losing weight harder or actually cause belly fat. Even the dietitian says that if you want to ditch belly fat (and keep it off), avoid these foods.


Dietitian says— if you’re looking to shed some belly fat, the first thing to do is give up sugar and sugar-sweetened beverages like soda, juices, and sports drinks.

These foods are linked to increased production of cortisol, the “stress hormone.” This hormone is involved in metabolism and has been associated with increased visceral adipose tissue — known to us as belly fat.

Skip the sugar in your coffee and try cinnamon instead. Bake cookies with dates, add frozen berries to unsweetened yogurt, and mash bananas into pancakes so you won’t need the syrup.

Refined Grains

Research shows that eating refined grains (white bread and baked goods, white rice, white pasta, etc.) increases abdominal fat. This effect may in part be due to the high glycemic index that triggers the release of excess insulin, which is associated with weight gain.

Instead, choose complex carbs, which are higher in fiber and protein. They break down slowly in the body because of their high-fiber content and help to keep blood sugar levels steady since they are digested slower. They’re also richer in nutrients than simple carbohydrates.


Alcohol consumption is linked to abdominal fat. One reason is when you drink alcohol, which your body cannot store like fat, protein, and carbs, your liver prioritizes processing the alcohol, which interferes with your metabolism.

Plus, since alcohol can’t be stored as energy, it is metabolized through unique pathways in the body; this can also trigger hormonal changes that could lead to increased belly fat.

A glass of red wine once in a while isn’t the problem (thank you, wine gods!), but excessive alcohol consumption will lead to increased belly fat.

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