Cheesy Spinach Quiche ~ A Healthy Snack To Hog on !!

Spinach is dislike by children inspite of it being a super food.But hold on!! We bring to you a form of it which will not only fulfill its promise of providing all the nutrients but also be an all time favorite of your kids.Follow our easy to follow Cheesy Spinach Quiche and rule your kids heart

Here’s how to make it :

Ingredients :

1/2 Cup Tomatoes,Chopped
1 Tsp Garlic Paste
2 Green Chilies, Chopped
200g Spinach Leaves
1/2 Cup Cottage Cheese,Diced
1/4 Cup Milk
6 Slices of Bread
1 Cup Mozzarella

Instructions :

In a fry pan, heat the butter on medium heat.Cook tomatoes for 2-3 minutes till they are soft.Add garlic paste and green chilies followed by spinach.Cook for 3-4 minutes.

Season it will salt and paprika (you may add any of your favorite seasoning)

In a mixer, blend together diced cottage cheese, milk, salt and paprika to a fine paste.

Take sandwich bread and pop out a round with help of any sharp edged round mould.Flatten it with rolling pin.

Grease the muffin tin with oil and press the bread into the muffin tin.Divide the spinach mixture in between the cups.

Pour the cottage cheese paste on top of spinach with help of spoon.

Top it up with greated mozzarella cheese.Garnish with corriander leaves.

Bake for 15 minutes at 180°C/350°F


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