Naan BreakFast Pizza, An Indo-Western Fusion

When you are getting late for your work and you have a left out naan from last eve, this quick made fusion will give the tasty start to your day. You don’t need much ingredients , you don’t need much time, you just need to gulp it , enjoy it. I love to call it , Cheezy egg naan but they at BuzzFeed/Tasty call it ‘Naan BreakFast Pizza’ .

Watch Out:
Recipe in Words

Magic Ingredients:
1. Naan Bread
2. Baked beans
3. Jar of tikka masala sauce
4. Cheddar cheese
5. Egg

1) Mix together baked beans and tikka masala sauce and pour evenly on naan bread.
2) Add grated cheese on top
3) Bake for 10 mins at 190°C
4) Make a dent in the melted cheese with an egg, then crack into the dent.
5) Bake for another ten mins at 190°C
6) Enjoy!

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