Black Currant And Strawberry Falooda ~ Isn’t It Beautiful ?

Falooda is one of the most loved dessert beverage.Its not only quick and easy to make but is so gorgeous that you will find it impossible to refrain yourself from it. 😀 😀 

Check out easy to follow recipe and indulge!!

Here’s How To Make It:


1 Tsp. Basil Seeds
1/4 Cup Black Currant Jelly ( We used Tops Black Currant Jelly Crystals to prepare the same)
Falooda Noodles, Boiled
1/4 Cup Strawberry Extract
1/4 Cup Rabri (You can use condensed milk as a substitute)
Pistachios for garnishing


Add basil seeds to a cup of water and let it swell for 30 min.
Transfer black current jelly (already prepared) to a serving glass/bowl topping it up with swollen basil seeds. Then add a layer of boiled noodles on top of it.
Pour the strawberry extract into it and finally top it all with rabri. (you can easily prepare rabri at home or get the same at market)
Dress it up chopped pistachios to make it look even better.

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