A Huge Menu Shake-Up In McDonald’s, No Artificial Preservatives in Your Favorite Menu Items From Now On..

McDonaldsIn an effort to give its meals a happy and healthier upgrade, McDonald’s is making changes to some of its classic menu items.

The company announced on Aug. 1 that it has removed artificial preservatives from its Chicken McNuggets ā€” aka every kiddo’s favorite nugget ā€” as well as some of its breakfast items, including scrambled eggs, pork sausage patties, and omelet eggs. In addition to the changes made in those select foods, the burger chain also plans on introducing new bread buns that do not contain high-fructose corn syrup, including those utilized with McChicken and Big Mac options.

This isn’t McDonald’s first attempt at shedding its junk-food reputation to build a more honorable rep with its customers, though. According to reports, the company announced last year that it would only use cage-free eggs and move away from using chickens treated with human medicine and antibiotics.

While the burger brand still has far to go before shedding its processed-food rapport, its hope is that these small yet significant changes will ensure that the chain is on the right track to becoming a more transparent dining option for customers, especially kids.

Originally Posted in PopSugar

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