8 Magical Foods That Will Make Your Hair Grow Long And Healthy Like Rapunzel

Long healthy hair is dream of every girl in this world.But the magic doesnot happen overnight.You need to take proper care of your locks to turn them gorgeous.Apart from the beauty treatments,we bring to you a list of few foods whose proper intake in your diet can give an incredible transformation to your locks.

1. Greek Yogurt


Greek yogurt is a low- fat food product that contains hair strengthening vitamins like vitamin B5 and vitamin D.This  protein not only work wonders for your hair but  is also packed with ability to repair skin cells and in the long run prevents aging of skin,nails and hair.One serve of this is equivalent to one serving of meat

2. Salmon


This super fish is loaded with vitamin D and Omega 3 Fatty Acids which are strong hair supporters.Fresh salmon helps  to prevent clogged pores and dandruff that results in stunted growth, shedding and poor circulation.

3. Yellow Peppers


Yellow bell peppers are very rich source of vitamin C.They  have nearly five and a half times more vitamin C than oranges which in turn strengthens the hair shaft and hair follicles, as well as prevents breakage.

4. Oysters


Oysters are a rich source of Zinc whose deficiency leads to hair loss and poor scalp conditions.Consuming 3 ounces of this diet would add a whopping of 493 percent of daily value. It also ensures that oil glands around the hair follicles are working properly.

5. Eggs


Eggs contain proteins that promote hair growth and condition the hair.They are an excellent source of those aforementioned omega-3s, and they are also contain biotin .Its not the healthy egg white that does the magic.Its the York which is responsible for long beautiful hair.Eating too many egg whites can actually block the absorption of biotin into the body, causing a depletion of this micronutrient.

6. Sunflower seeds


These tiny black buddies contains Vitamin E in abundance which enhances blood flow to the scalp and promote faster hair growth.

7. Sweet Potatoes


Sweet Potatoes contain beta- carotene which is converted to Vitamin A which  is essential for all cell growth, including our hair. But at the same time too much of Vitamin A may lead to hair loss. Instead of opting for Vitamin A supplements it is better if you go for sweet potatoes foods to prevent hair loss.

8. Avocados


They are loaded with  essential fatty acids naturally found in skin cells (which help to keep your skin smooth and supple).Avocados are an age-old beauty secret which is essentially used in hair masks. When topically applied to the hair and scalp, they have the added ability to stimulate collagen and elastin production. Mix a little avocado with sour cream (which contains lactic acid to help exfoliate dead skin and clean up buildup on the scalp) and apply to your hair and scalp for about ten minutes before washing off.

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